Praguing Around With Clémentine


Episode #3: Prague 1, Staré Město / Old Town. 


We are proud to present the 3rd episode of Praguing Around, our webseries about Prague!
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In this episode, we will take a tour around Prague 1, also called the Old Town, which is the neighborhood where our two Hotels, Josef and Maximilian, are located. This area is famous for its beautiful architecture which is rich in legends, and also full of great restaurants and secret hidden gems.

Even in the heart of Prague, there are some places that are cherished by locals and yet not too known...

Here is the contact details of the places presented in this episode:

Municipal Library of Prague (with "Idiom", the book scupture from Matej Kren and an information center about all matters related to Prague, in English)
Kolská 30,
110 00 Prague
Phone: +420 221 231 350

Speculum Alchemie
Haštalská 1,
110 00 Prague
Phone: +420 773 645 234
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.

Tyn 1 - Ungelt
110 00 Prague 1
+420 608 66 47 66
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Red Pif
Betlémská 9
Entrance on U Dobřenských 1
110 00 Praha 1
Reservations: +420 222 232 086

And for more information about us, please visit our websites:

See you soon, and meantime... Ahoj!


Episode #2: Prague 10, Vršovice.



Hotel Josef and Maximilian Hotel in Prague are happy to present:
Praguing Around #2, the second episode of our web series about Prague!
In this new Autumn-Winter episode, Clémentine Amiraux, our Creative Director takes us to the area of Vršovice, up and coming area of Prague, which is quickly becoming popular among locals for the rich night life, and growing alternative cultural scene.

To go to this area from the center, the best is to take the metro from Namesti Republiky (close to the Hotels) to Karlovo Namesti with the yellow line, and then the tramway number 22 to Ruska stop.

Here is the contact details of the places presented in this episode:

Café Jen
Kodanska 37,
Prague 10, Vršovice
Open on weekdays from 8 to 21:30
On Weekend from 9:30 to 21:30

Francouzska 76
Prague 2, Vinohrady
Patricia Madarova
Tel: 00420 733 206 929
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-19:00

Grebovka Sklep
Havlíčkovy sady, Praha, Czech Republic
+420 774 803 293 - Open on Friday and Saturday

Café v Lese
Krymská 273/12,
101 00 Prague 10-Vršovice,
+420 775 224 086
Open from Monday to Sunday 12:00-3:00

Hope you enjoy Vršovice and meantime.. ahoj!

Episode #1: Prague 2-3, Vinohrady-Zizkov.

For our pilot episode we will discover the area around Prague 2, Vinohrady and Zizkov.
It is very easy to visit all of the places mentioned in the episode in a half day, or a day if you want to linger. The best way to get there from the center is to take the metro line A (green line) to Jiriho z podebrad.

Here are the contact details of the places presented in PA#1:

Mánesova 1624/20 
120 00 Prague 2-Vinohrady, 
+420 222 254 021

The farmer's market in Jiriho z Podebrad square (right in front of the metro exit).

Riegrovy Sady park, with the beer garden and Mlekarna beer garden
Riegrovy sady 
120 00 Prague 2-Vinohrady

TOWER PARK: The famous TV tower.
Mahler set 1
130 00 Prague 3

And in the intro:

Nitranska 9, 
130 00 Prague 3

For any question or comment regarding the Video or the places recommended, please contact Clémentine at




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