About Our Goldfish


Once upon a time, there was a goldfish that lived in the Prague River called The Vltava. In August 2002 there was a big flood in Prague, and many buildings were flooded from the basement up to the 2nd floor.

The fish we are talking about was named Max and he rode on a wave from the Vltava to Maximilian Hotel. As the fish was GOLD it could fulfill all wishes. Of course our wish was to survive the flood and get our happy guests back to Maximilian as soon as possible.

Our GOLDFISH offered us a deal. If he could stay with us he would grant us three wishes.

Our first wish was to always have happy and satisfied guests.

Our second wish was to always have happy and satisfied employees that would provide excellent service to our guests.

And finally our third wish was to have more GOLDFISH in Maximilian so our guests would have the chance to make three secret wishes of their own.

Please make your wishes and we believe we will fulfill your expectations here at the Maximilian Hotel.




Our Price is always the best available offer

  • including breakfast
  • including welcome gift
  • upgrade upon availability
  • more room types to choose from

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