GROM Gelateria


Grom Gelato was first started in Turin, Italy, by friends Federico Gromo and Guido Martinetti who aimed to make gelato as Italians once knew it with pure and natural ingredients. The gelato is finally available in Prague too.

Žluté lázně


First let's kick off with our favourite summer place to go to and enjoy some of the hot days here. Best with your whole family. This natural area along the banks of the Vltava River offers grassy and sand beaches, a number of multi functional sports courts, a wide range of fun attractions, and refreshments for spending some quality time with friends and family. You can even have a picnic by the river. From spring to fall, it is the site of a wide spectrum of cultural and social events.

Book Therapy


A restfully therapeutic place, with a wide range of international and Czech books about design, architecture, fashion and lifestyle. The proprietors pride themselves on their hand-picked selection and careful personal review of every title. If you value your privacy, you can book a personal tour of the bookstore. Not only will they take you round outside normal hours but will often even help you choose your books with an opened bottle of great wine.


A very new espresso bar opened just a stone throw from Letenske square. It happens to be a sister place of our beloved and therefore We are sure they will serve every single cup the best possible way and will put a smile on your face. It is hip decorated with plenty of plants and delicious coffee smell.

Prague ZOO


In a competition of hundreds of top zoos from all over the world, Prague Zoo reached the Top Five! This is the third time in a row the Zoo has received such a high ranking. It is setting a global precedent in being able to offer special touch panels, which visitors to the zoo can use as a quick and secure means to help endangered animal species. Admire a unique world-class exhibit there too, as Prague Zoo offers a rare opportunity to see the largest amphibians in the world – Chinese Giant Salamanders.



If you find yourself hungry after a thorough castle exploration, just cross the square in front of the first courtyard. Enjoy homemade Czech meals prepared by Head Chef Marek Janouch along with carefully treated tank beer on a terrace with the best view of Prague.

Natural Swimming Pool Radotin


A man-made water reservoir built right next to the Berounka River has a natural filtration system, where the water is cleansed by bio-active zones without resorting to chemicals.



Our favourite place at the Prague wine-bar scene and one of the offshoots of the popular restaurant network, Ambiente. If you are serious about your homework of getting to know Czech wines, you could scarcely find a better place in downtown Prague to score some valuable points. The punk interior looks at first glance like a ransacked cellar, but don’t be mistaken. Bokovka is one of the cosiest places to spend an evening in Prague.

Rieger Gardens


This park, over a century old, shelters intimate nooks and places with wooded areas, open grassy areas and unusual vistas of the city. Locals usually gather there to watch the sunset. Vineyards used to be located here, and all that remains today are parts of the original buildings: the Classicist lookout from the 1920s, renovated into a restaurant, and a three-sided obelisk of sandstone from around 1840.

Villa Müller


The villa, built from 1928 to 1930 is a chef-d'oeuvre of world architectural avant-garde. František Müller was a prominent member of Czech society and he gave the project for his own representative home to one of the greatest architects of the time – Adolf Loos. The construction is superficially strictly functionalist; of primary interest is its internal layout, the Raumplan.

Address: Haštalská 14, 110 00 Prague 1 Telephone: +420 225 303 111 E-mail:

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