What to do in Prague


Prague Pride 2016

Festival of Love and Diversity

events throughout the city

from Monday, August 8th, through Sunday, August 14th 

Prague Pride 2016 

A casual glance of any map of the countries that comprise Europe shows one of the reasons Prague got the nickname "the Heart of Europe." We're pretty much smack-dab in the middle of it all. For the week of Monday, August 8th, through Sunday, August 14th, this heart will be full to bursting with Pride! 

Every August since 2011 Prague Pride has organized events all over our fair city for a week spent in celebration of LGBTQ culture and social justice in general. In addition to the carnival-like atmosphere of the Pride Parade and numerous concerts, dances, and shows all around town, Prague Pride presents dialogues with political leaders, history lectures, art shows, sporting events, health screenings, picnics - pretty much anything imaginable that will bring people together. There are also numerous opportunities to volunteer to help out. 

It's a vibrant, fun-filled week - one the best weeks to be in Prague! To get the most out of it, refer to the official website: https://www.praguepride.cz/en/


We Are Scientists at Lucerna Music Bar

Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

Tuesday, July 26th, 8:00PM doors, 9:00PM start


Mysteries abound around indie rock duo We Are Scientists. Is it possible that are actually scientists? Has their steady rise into rock stardom been an extremely elaborate sixteen year joke? What exactly did Chris Cain do to elicit such messy food-based revenge from Keith Murray in the video for their single Buckle?  

These questions and many more will probably go unanswered on Tuesday, July 26th, at Lucerna Music Bar. It's their first concert in Prague and is part of a very extensive tour in support of their 5th studio album, "Helter Seltzer." 

We Are Scientists are well-known for spiking their live performances with hefty doses of comedy, so expect a lot of laughs to accompany the music.  

For ticket information, visit Lucerna's website: https://www.musicbar.cz/en/program/we-are-scientists-us/

For a taste of Buckle:


And for advice from We Are Scientists on important life events - How to Prepare Your Horse for the Big Show Under Adverse Conditions, for example, give a look-see at their website: http://wearescientists.com/category/advice/


Analog presents "Finale": Contemporary circus arts

at Jatka78 Jateční 1530, Praha 7

July 19, 20, and 21 from 7:30PM

Circus Event Prague

Tuesday, July 19th through Thursday, July 21st, marks the return of the circus arts collective Analog to the Jatka78 performance space. It's three evenings of thrills: Cyr Wheel, acrobatics, juggling, hand balancing, and dance accompanied by soaring vocals and pounding, dynamic music.  

Analog is the brainchild of Ethan Law from the U.S. and Florian Zumkher from Switzerland. For "Finale" they will showcase their talents, along with those of six of their friends, in a performance that combines the immediacy of circus skills with the exuberance of total artistic liberty.  

For an inkling of what's in store, check out this gorgeous video from Analog's first visit to Jatka78 in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge1qFdRtPBo


For ticket information, visit Jatka78 website here: http://www.jatka78.cz/en/#program


Live Electronic Music and Deejays on Houseboat U Bukanýra

nábřeží L. Svobody, under Štefánikův Bridge

Thursday, July 14th, From 8:00PM and other dates.

Housebeat Prague 

It's on a boat! Underground electronic music performed atop the terrace on the boat U Bukanýra. The Thursday, July 14th event is part of the floating music bar's FÚZE ("Fusion") schedule and will feature deejays Mr. Ultrafino and Chochácz. The band Atomic Gigolo performs live to kick off the night at 8:00PM. 

While relaxing aboard the Buccaneer, beer drinkers can enjoy Holba - the "pure beer from the mountains." Holba has won a tidy collection of awards over recent years and makes for a delicious accompaniment to the views of the city and the digital sounds.  

U Bukanýra is open from 2:00PM to 10:00PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and from 6:00PM until 2:00AM Fridays and Saturdays. It's a 6 minute walk from Maximilian Hotel.



Prague Burlesque Show at Le Royal Theatre

Vinohradská 48, Praha 2

Every Saturday through August 27th, 2016

Doors: 9:00PM

Love Hotel Revue Prague

Our favorite burlesque troup is performing an all new show within the gilded walls of our favorite First Republic era performance venue! That's Prague Burlesque presenting their "Love Hotel Revue" every Saturday night in July and August at Le Royal Theatre. "Love Hotel Revue" delivers circus arts, comedy, magic and side-show acts, along with the celebration of the female form that Prague Burlesque is famous for.  

There's been a renewed appreciation of the classic burlesque show over the past few years and Prague Burlesque, under the direction of David N. Jahn - aka Sonny Vargas, has been spearheading the movement since the beginning. It's bawdy, cheeky, sophisticated fun in the atmosphere of unparalleled bohemian Bohemian(!) elegance of Le Royal Theatre.  

For reservation and ticketing information: http://www.leroyal.cz/?lang=en


Korean National Orchestra - Traditional Pungnyu at Rudolfinum, Dvořák Hall

Alšovo nábřeží 79/12, Praha 1 - Staré Město


Tuesday, June 28th, from 7:30PM

Korean Pungnyu

The venue is the Rudolfinum's Dvořák Hall, one of the finest examples of Neo-Rennaisance architecture in all the world. The music is Pungnyu ("elegance," 풍류), zen-inspired pieces, heavy on the zither-like gayageum, that harken back to the heyday of Korean nobility. The blending of these unique sights and sounds - one night and one night only! - is a leisurely 15 minute stroll from Design Hotel Josef.  

This is a rare opportunity to experience such grand examples of occidental and oriental culture simultaneously. Be sure to have tissues or handkerchiefs available as it is certain to be an emotionally moving concert. 

Ticket information can be found here: https://shop.ticketpro.cz/en/Event/Detail/684827/korean-national-orchestra-traditional-korean-pungnyu


United Islands of Prague Music Festival 2016

at numerous locations, Thursday, June 23 - Sunday June 26


Prague Metronome Festival

at the Metronome in Letná Park, Saturday, June 25 and Sunday June 26

United Islands Summer Music Festival 2016 

"Co Čech, to muzikant." Translated into English, "Every Czech is a musician," and you're going to believe it during the 13th annual United Islands of Prague Music Festival. Four days full to bursting with music performances on ten open-air stages situated around the Vltava and other venues all around town. Styles run the gamut from swing, jazz, drum and bass, hard rock, classical, country, a cappella - pretty much anything that could be defined as music will be represented between Thursday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 26th. All these shows are free.  

Of course, the Czechs aren't the only musically inclined people in the world. If you're of a mind to hear U.S. citizen Iggy Pop, or The Foals or The Kooks - both from England, you'll want to invest in tickets to these shows, which are part of the Metronome Festival on Saturday and Sunday, June 25th and 26th. Iggy Pop on stage is a show everybody ought to experience at least once in their lives.


For United Islands of Prague full lineup: http://unitedislands.cz/en/program/?d=nedele

And for ticketing information for Prague Metronome Festival: http://metronomefestival.cz/en/


Musics by Frank Zappa: Orchestra En Regalia

Czech National Symphony Orchestra

at Dvořák Hall

Saturday, June 18th at 7:00PM

Zappa Concert Czech Philharmonic Orchestra 

The complex, challenging, outrageously fun music of Frank Zappa comes alive under the baton of conductor Sarah Hicks on Saturday, June 18th, in the gorgeous Dvořák Hall at the Rudolfinum. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra, along with guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, will present a broad selection of pieces that were composed in the time between the release of his commercial hit single "Valley Girl" and Zappa's death in 1993.  

Zappa's music was banned by communist censors back in the bad-old-days of Czechoslovakia. When Vaclav Havel invited the artist to Prague in 1990, Zappa was reportedly very surprised to learn of the important role his music played in the dissident movement. Havel also made Zappa "Special Ambassador to the West on Trade, Culture and Tourism," much to the consternation of then U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker. 

To find out more about the concert:



Prague Museum Night, 13th Edition, at various venues

Saturday, June 11th

from 7:00PM until 1:00AM

Prague Museum Night 

Do you love to visit museums but hate being awake during daylight hours? Saturday, June 11th, is the answer to your prayers! Museums and art galleries throughout the city will be open, with free admission and free transport, from 7:00PM to 1:00AM. Although the National Museum on Wenceslas Square will be closed for renovation work on that particular night this year, there are 52 other arts and sciences institutions open to delight night owls, vampires, heliophobes, and anyone else up for some cultural exploration after dark.  

Plan your itinerary by checking out this link for all the details: http://www.prazskamuzejninoc.cz/2016/clanek.php?l=en&id=2


Žižkov Beer Festival 2016 at Parukářka Park

Žižkov, Prague 3, 130 00

Friady June 3rd and Saturday June 4th, 2:00 PM start

Prague Beer Festival 

In the 14th century, the park now called Parukářka was a vineyard belonging to Emperor Charles IV. In the 19th century fake hairdos were a really big deal and the area was purchased by a wealthy wigmaker, in Czech language, a "parukář." It's one of the largest green areas in Prague and on Friday, June 3rd, and Saturday, June 4th, 2016, it's the site for the 5th annual Žižkov Beer Festival.  

The main attractions are coming from 30-some Czech microbreweries. Many of the brands are tough to find outside their home villages. Traditional pilsners will be abundant, with ales, wheat beers, porters, radlers, and numerous other special blends available for this festival.  

There will also be food trucks, live bands and dj music to accompany the beer and the beautiful scenery. Click the link for further details: http://festivaly.eu/zizkovske-pivobrani-2016


Containall Cafe Prague

Malá Strana at Cihelná 548/4, Praha 1 and Stalin at Letenské sady

Containall Cafe Prague

Many of the building structures in Prague date back from a few hundred years to just shy of a full millennium. There's a strong sense of permanency that radiates from the stones and spires of the city.   The juxtaposition between the old buildings and a cafe' / bar made from repurposed shipping containers makes for a bit of cheeky novelty.  

The Containall cultural centers also serve as presentation and gallery spaces for various non-profit institutions. From Wednesday, May 18th, you have two Containall locations to choose from, each with its own gorgeous view of old Prague: "Stalin," by the Metronome in Letná Park, and "Malá Strana," located, coincidentally, in the Little Quarter of Prague 1.  

Opening hours vary with the weather but are usually 1:00PM until 11:00PM on weekdays and 11:00AM to 11:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Please visit their official website for schedules and event information:



Charles Bridge Festival of St. John of Nepomuk NAVALIS 2016

Monday, May 16th from 10:00AM until around 10:30PM

Prague Spring Festival Nepomuk

John of Nepomuk is the patron saint of Bohemia. He achieved martyrdom when he drowned in the Vltava after being tossed off the Charles Bridge in March of 1393. Ever since his canonization he's been the go-to Saint for prayers of flood protection and sturdy bridges.  

For the past 300 years or so, it has been customary to celebrate St. John of Nepomuk with a grand music festival on, over, and around the Vltava River. This year the celebration takes place on Monday, May the 16th, and it will feature the world premier of composer Kryštof Marek’s Concert for Violin „Mystery of St. John of Nepomuk“. There will also be religious services and processions, skydiving, a regatta, and a tremendous fireworks display to cap it all off.  

This event only happens once a year, so click the link for the performance schedule and other details:



Prague Live Music Festival on the city streets and squares

Friday, May 13th(!)

From sometime after 8:00AM until sometime around 10:00PM

Prague Live Music Festival

Busking is a time honored tradition in cities throughout the world. Street performance in Prague, however, has been a challenge due the kind of labyrinthine licensing processes that would elicit Franz Kafka's deepest sympathies.  

Hundreds of musicians and other performers are looking to change this with a huge busking festival on Friday, May 13th. There will be 5 main stages featuring some of the biggest lights in the Czech music scene and numerous other acts scattered all over the Prague, playing their hearts out for your pocket change and small bills. As you're out and about taking in the sights of our beautiful city, be ready to show your appreciation for the sounds as well.  

Further details on the whys and wheres of the festival can be found here: http://prahazijehudbou.cz/#section1


Culinary Tours through Prague

Monday-Saturday; different times and locations available

Prague Food Tour

This city, with its ancient cobblestone streets, its statue-bedecked buildings, and its parks along the meandering Vltava, is very much a feast for the eyes. But what about feasts for the body? 

The Taste of Prague Tour, run by our friends Suzi and Jan, is the original one, but due to its popularity and the fact that it is often fully booked months in advance, other innovative tour guides have started similar offers. The Eating Prague Tours is one of the alternative tour which provides explorations of our city aimed directly at your taste buds. There is a 4 hour walking excursion from tasting venue to tasting venue, including traditional beef with dumplings, a visit to the finest butcher shop in the country, gingerbread sampling, open-face sandwiches, and - of course - tasty beer. This tour is a Czech culinary experience par excellence.  

For further details and reservations:

www.tasteofprague.com and



The Witches at Ladronka Park (Čarodějnice na Ladronce)  

Tomanova Street, Prague 6

on Saturday, April 30th; 12:00 PM through 9:00PM, then…..

Witches Night in Prague

On the evening of Saturday, April 30th, the hills of the Czech lands will be alive with fire. It's the holiday pálení čarodějnic, or "burning of the witches," a lighting of huge bonfires to celebrate surviving another winter.  

The fun gets going early in Ladronka Park, which is merely a 15 minute taxi ride from Maximilian Hotel. Beginning at noon you'll find live music, tons of picnic fare, costumed celebrants, various sporting events, and arts and crafts stalls. There's even a contest for Best Witch and Warlock. Then, as the sun slides below the horizon, Amanitas Fire Theatre starts heating up the festivities with their unique brand of high temperature performance art.  

Midnight marks the First of May and here in central Europe it's like Valentine's Day without involvement from the greeting card industry. Kiss your sweetie beneath the branches of a blossoming cherry tree and it's said you'll guarantee another year of health and well-being in your relationship.  

For further details on the events schedule: http://carodejnicenaladronce.cz/

For a look at what Amanitas Fire Theatre has in store for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok1sGCM-h1U


37th Asociace starožitníků Antique Fair

at Novoměstská radnice (New Town Hall), Karlovo nám. 1/23, Prague 2

From Thursday, April 21st through Sunday, April 24th                 Opening hours: Thursday - Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm;  Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Antique fair in Prague                

"Psychometry" is the fancy name for the psychic ability to read the history of an object by holding it in one's hands. Lucky for those of us who are psychically-challenged, there are professional antiques dealers available to provide the provenances of the gorgeous pieces on offer at this fair.

For the 37th edition of the biannual event, the theme is feminine beauty in art. There are works by artists Demetra Chiparus, Ferdinand Preiss, and Brunn Zach, inspired by female dancers, female Olympic athletes, and female Berliners, respectively.

The exhibition hall alone is worth the visit. It's the site of the first of the three famous defenestrations in Prague, way back in 1419.

For further information about the antique fair:


For details about the history of New Town Hall:



Náplavka Street Food Festival

Hořejší nábřeží, Praha 5 - Smíchov

Saturday, April 16th from 10:00AM until 7:00PM

Street Food Market Prague

Bring your appetite to the riverside for Náplavka Street Food Festival on Saturday, April 16th. There you'll find food trucks and kiosks offering nibbles originating from the streets of more than 14 countries. From 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening you'll be able to graze up and down the embankment to your heart's content. The cheesy goodness of khachapuri from the Republic of Georgia, good ol' American hot dogs, Brazilian caipirinhas, and tons and tons of tacos are just some of the street treats available at the festival. 

Check out this link for further details: http://www.prague.eu/cs/detail-akce/9428/naplavka-street-food-vol-i?back=1


Cafe' Louvre

Národní 22, Prague 1

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM to 11:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00AM to 11:30PM

Cafe in Prague

Historical records show that both Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein enjoyed visits to Cafe' Louvre back in its early years of operation. Later, because it was a favorite haunt of academics and intellectuals of all stripes, the cafe' interior was thoroughly wrecked during the communist coup of 1948. In '92 it was completely restored and put back in action, delighting locals and travelers alike ever since. 

Louvre is a coffee house in the Viennese tradition. It's a place for relaxing with a pastry and a newspaper, enjoying traditional Czech meals, and joining folks for billiards or chess. For further details, including a look at their menu, follow the link below:  



Mladí Ladí Jazz Festival

at multiple venues

Wednesday, March 28 through Thursday, April 28th

Prague Jazz

The month of April is bursting at the seams with Jazz concerts! It's the Mladí Ladí Jazz Festival in its seventh year of presenting great ensembles from the Czech Republic and other nations. Starting Wednesday, March 30th and running through Thursday, April 28th, there will be seven main concerts featuring 10 acts. Go see them all in order to hear some of the most promising young jazz musicians in the world. 

Venues include Palác Akropolis, MeetFactory, and the super-hip, super-intimate Jazz Dock. Further details can be found here: http://www.mladiladijazz.cz/en/


Cubism at the Museum of Decorative Arts – House at the Black Madonna, Ovocný trh 19, Prague 1

Tuesdays through Sundays, 10:00AM to 6:00PM


Sprung from the fertile imaginations of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, Cubism is one of the most important movements in the arts in the 20th century. A ten minute walk from the front doors of Hotel Josef will take you to a masterwork of Cubist architecture, The Museum of Decorative Arts at The Black Madonna (U Černé Matky Boží). The museum houses an array of furniture, graphic works, and objets d'art from Czech purveyors of the Cubist style. 

The Grand Cafe' Orient, on the ground level of the building, is the sole remaining example of Cubist interior design remaining in the whole world, according to Wikipedia. The cafe' features an extensive menu: breakfasts, salads, crepes, liquors, and a ton of coffee beverages. 



ŽIŽKOVSKÁ NOC WinterFestival

various venues in the Žižkov district

Thursday, March 17th through Saturday, March 19th

Zizkovska Noc

Žižkov is reputed to have the highest number of drinking establishments contained within a single city district in all of Europe. From Thursday, March 17th through Saturday, March 19th, more than 60 of these venues will be showcasing over 500 artists in this year's ŽIŽKOVSKÁ NOC WinterFestival.  

Friday night the focus will be on electronic music in all its nuanced forms - ambient to drum and bass to breakbeat and beyond. With 60+ DJs playing though out the area there's sure to be bleepity/thumpity music to suit all tastes.  

Along with tons more music, Saturday will include the Žižkov Market tucked out of the elements and into the Venuše ve Švehlovce theater on Slavíkova Street.



Karaoke at Limonádový Joe

Revoluční 655/1, 110 00 Praha 1

Wednesdays, year-round


Some folks lament that, in this modern age of technological wonder, there is a lack of magic in our lives. Those people have never experienced the joy that is karaoke or else they'ed be singing a different tune - pun heartily intended.  

Limonádový Joe has amplified the pleasures of belting out Sinatra to a room full of enthusiastic strangers to great new levels. Their weekly Wednesday karaoke party features a live band to accompany singers on their musical journeys. It provides a wonderful opportunity for serenading your sweetie, channeling your inner Freddie Mercury, and making new friends.  

The drinks menu is extensive and although the food menu is brief, it's a solid representation of traditional Czech pub meals. In warm weather the atmosphere is enhanced by starlight when the roof is retracted.  

For further details on karaoke and all the other live music events performed nightly at Limonádový Joe, follow the link below: 



The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution

Photo Exhibition at Leica Gallery Prague, Školská 28, Prague 1

Ongoing through March 28th

The Haight

Ray Charles, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Carlos Santana - if you're at all familiar with the faces behind the music then you know the photographic work of Jim Marshall. Johnny Cash rocking out at San Quentin? Jim Marshall. Jimi Hendrix with his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival? Jim Marshall. The man's images adorn more than 500 album covers and countless issues of Rolling Stone magazine. He was a rock star in the world of rock star photography

Leica Gallery Prague is exhibiting some of Marshall's work now through March 28th. The exhibition "The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution," includes photographs from The Beatles final concert in 1966 and the Rolling Stones infamous tour of 1972. Copies of the book featuring Marshall's work with text by music critic Joel Selvin are available for purchase in the Leica bookstore.



Petit Fashion Market

at Pražská tržnice (Prague Street Market), Hall 13

Saturday, February 27th from 10:00am to 6:00pm

Petit Fashion Market 

Spring is just around the corner and this event is a great opportunity to update your wardrobe with unique new pieces. The theme is "recycling" for this first edition of Petit Fashion Market. With over 50 indie fashion brands, primarily from the Czech Republic, this little market is a big deal.  

Czech fashion design is an industry for which the people of this country can be justifiably proud. Much like the worlds of ice hockey, futbol, and beer consumption, there seems to be an overabundance of talent in this field when compared to the size of population that inhabits these lands. Big things come in little packages, as it were.

Entry to the market is free.



Parov Stelar Live

TipSport Arena, Za Elektrárnou 419/1, Prague 7

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Parov Stelar

He's the godfather of electro swing and the composer of the music for some of your favorite television commercials and he'll be swinging into TipSport Arena on Saturday, February 20th. Austrian musician par excellence Parov Stelar is taking a little time off from selling music to Chevrolet, Nespresso, and Colgate in order to get booties shaking live and in person on his Demon Diaries Tour.  

This concert is going to be hotter than a sun made of ghost peppers! If you're of a mind to make good use of your dancing shoes soon, click quick on the link below for ticket info.


Handstand Workshop at YogaSpace

Politickych veznu 8, Prague 1

Saturday, February 13th, 10:00am to 1:00pm

Handstand Workshop

Loving relationships are full of discovery. They often require an openness to the unexpected, an eager attitude toward exploration, and the adoption of perspectives other than those that we might be accustomed to.


'Upside down' is a very different perspective and you can explore it with your sweetie on Saturday, February 13th, at YogaSpace in Prague 1. This is a day for practicing handstands with the aim, as the teachers say, of taking "a journey to our true selves."  

The organizers of this event encourage curious folks at any level of handstand ability to give the experience a try. Visit their webpage for contact information regarding a truly unique workshop:



Best of Broadway at o2 Arena

Českomoravská 2345/17, Prague 8

Tuesday, February 2, plus... at 7:00PM

Best of Broadway

Broadway comes to the Prague in a big way on Tuesday, February 2nd. That's the night when o2 Arena welcomes the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of the Boston Pops and BBC Concert orchestras conductor, Keith Lockhart, to present a performance of works from the world's favorite musicals. Award-winning lyrical pieces will be sung by Broadway soloists.  

Note the image above: that isn't all enhancement via Photoshop. This event is designed to be a spectacle for the eyes as well as the ears. With video projection and fancy lighting in accompaniment to the music, this show is sure to especially delight concert-lovers who have felt the symphony lacks visual pizzazz.  

If you miss the show in Prague, all is not lost - you can catch up with them at one of the next 3 performances as they make their way eastward to Brno, Ostrava, and Bratislava on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively. 

Jump to the official event website for ticket information: http://www.bestofbroadway.cz/en/



Festival Spectaculare

at Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 1548/27, Praha 3

Through Friday, February 12th

Festival Spectaculare

For the past few hundred years, Prague has been considered an important center for the cultivation of the arts in the Western world. From January 20th through February 12th Palác Akropolis is set to add a ton of culture to this proud history. Numerous multi-disciplinary, multi-media performances are scheduled during these four weeks, with a unifying emphasis on music - both electronic and acoustic, in a broad range of genres. Artists from 12 different nations will be performing and giving workshops. 

When planning which shows to attend, be sure to factor in time for a meal at the Palác Akropolis restaurant, two doors down from the performance hall. The decor, designed by painter František Skála, is quite novel and the food is scrumptious.  

For all the details on Festival Spectaculare… :


…and for further information on Restaurace Palác Akropolis:



Indoor Skydiving

at Hurricane Factory

Tupolevova 736, 199 00 Praha 9

Hurricane Factory

SKYDIVING!!! Is it possible there's anything more thrilling than this insane extreme sport? But who wants to deal with the hassles of getting into a plane, waiting for takeoff, and flying up to the proper altitude for the jump? 

There's a better, far more convenient way to skydive and it's just up in Prague 9, Letňany. Hurricane Factory offers vertical wind tunnels featuring air flows of up to 270 kilometers per hour to cast you aloft in defiance of gravity. Ride the wind like a bird! Dance through the air! Purchase a DVD of your adventure! Please click the link for all the details:  



The 7th Annual Grand Restaurant Festival

held at numerous locations

Friday, January 15th through Monday, February 29th

Grand Restaurant Festival

The winter holidays are behind us now and in this quiet time comes The 7th annual Grand Restaurant Festival - a nationwide event for all fans of gastronomic delights. The festival takes place January 15th to February 29th, 2016 at 93 restaurants in 40 cities throughout the Czech Republic. 

Here in Prague the festival kicks off with a culinary competition. The opening Gala dinner will be prepared by a Michelin-starred chef from France, a prestigious chef from India, and a talented chef from the our own Czech lands. Restaurant Bellevue will offer 12 tasting dishes from the three chefs and guests will guess who prepared the food.  

All the details for the festival can be found at their website here: http://www.grandrestaurantfestival.cz/uvodni-strana/

Dobrou chuť!


New Year's Eve in Prague 2015

NYE Prague

The Silvestr (New Year's Eve) celebration starts well before the sun goes down on December 31st. Sporadic fireworks displays begin in the afternoon all over town as people gather in the streets and squares to make merry. When midnight comes, the grand municipal pyrotechnics show kicks off and the champagne toasts begin in earnest. 

For picture-perfect views of the fireworks, a stroll up to Letna Park before midnight is just the thing. A vision of Prague's skyline of spires and a sky full of colors waits at the top of the hill. It's a magical experience that only happens once a year and weather forecasts for this Thursday night predict it to be completely cloud-free. šťastný Nový rok!

Czech Christmas Mass: Prague Symphony Orchestra

Church of St. Simon and Jude (Kostel sv. Šimona a Judy), Main concert hall, Dušní , Prague 1

3:00PM Friday, December 25th

Czech Christmas Mass

Of all the Christmas traditions to experience, few are fraught with such risk as that of Christmas music. Depending upon ones location "Christmas music" could mean anything from symphony and choral ensembles that set the spirit soaring, to the 300th time you've been stuck hearing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" at a retail establishment while out shopping for gifts. Luckily, the Christmas Mass at The Church of Sts. Simon and Jude is all about the former situation rather than the latter. 

At 3:00PM on Christmas Day the Prague Symphony Orchestra presents Jakub Jan Ryba's 'Czech Christmas Mass,' complete with audience participation in the chorale. The event is a feast of sights and sounds that makes for the perfect climax to the Christmas holiday season.



Boutique Market and Soup Festival at Industrial Hall #13

Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

Saturday December 19 and Sunday December 20

Boutique Soup

High quality craftsmanship is the name of the game at the Boutique Market this Saturday and Sunday, December 18th and 19th. The event brings together products and their creators from throughout the Czech lands to Holešovice industrial hall #13 for your shopping enjoyment. From Moravian wines and assorted edible delights to housewares, books, and hand-made toys, the Boutique Market provides a slew of different items to help you finish your holiday gift checklist. 

Of course, you'll want some hearty fare to fortify yourself with during your shopping adventure. The Soup Festival held in the same hall features all sorts of broths, stews, and goulashes to satisfy your hunger and please the palate.




at Kafkův Dům, Námesti Franze Kafky 3, Prague 1

Thursday, December 10th through Sunday, December 13th


'Tis the season for purchasing gifts! Unique pieces from the Czech Republic are just a brief stroll away at Kafka's House from December 10th through 13th. That's when the place will be transformed(!) into the showroom for the annual DesignSUPERMARKET. 

From toys to apparel, furnishings to objets d'art, you'll experience the full gamut of gift and souvenir options. DesignSUPERMARKET is an oasis in a desert of sports figure Matryoshka dolls and bootleg Harry Potter marionettes offered in seemingly every shop around Old Town Square. 

Be sure to check the link below for scheduled events like Happy Hours for special discounts on products as well as traditional cocktail parties.




SMĚR Toys - A Retrospective exhibition at ARTĚL Design Store

Platnéřská 7, Prague 1 

daily through January 7th


Visit - or revisit - a slice of innocence from a bygone era by way of toys from communist times in the Czech lands. Through January 7th, 2016, purveyors of fine glass design ARTĚL will showcase a collection of toys and games produced by the SMĚR company. SMĚR was pretty much "the only game in town" for manufactured playthings during Czechoslovakia's the years behind the Iron Curtain.  

This exhibition presents a perspective seldom seen of artifacts from the communist past. Brace yourself for waves of odd nostalgia.




Dlouha 33, Prague 1

Friday November 27th


It's tricky to compare indie musician-former Sneaker Pimp-audio/visual experimentalist Chris Corner with any other artist. The most obvious parallel is David Bowie, who is famous for his musical style range, chameleon-like characters, smoldering sensuality, and originality in general within the pop world. 

And there lies the problem: how to compare originality? Probably best to just drop any attempt at describing resemblances and just bask in Corner's phenomenal stage presence at Roxy on Friday, November 27th. In the persona of IAMX, Corner will rock the main hall in support of his newest album, Metanoia, released just last month. 

For ticket information, please check out the link: https://goout.cz/en/tickets/iamx/sag/


The Globe Bookstore and Cafe

Pštrossova 6, Prague 1

Opening hours:
10.00 – 00.00
 (Monday – Friday) and 09.30 – 01.00 
(Saturday – Sunday)

Kitchen Open Daily until 11pm

The Globe

A big part of Prague's charm is in the discovery of storefront gems hidden in the little labyrinthine streets and alleyways throughout the city. One such treasure tucked away near the National Theater is The Globe Bookstore and Cafe'. In the front, the bookstore is well-stocked with international newspapers, magazines, and tons of new and used English language books. In the back you'll find an airy 2-level restaurant and courtyard serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with one of the best cocktail hours around.  

In the evenings The Globe also presents a spectrum of events each week, ranging from sports on the big screen to lively pub quizzes and live music. One warning: between the food, coffee, reading material, and novel goings-on, it can be very easy to while away an entire day there.



Nouvelle Prague 2015: Music Showcase

at Staropramen Brewery, Nádražní 43/84, Prague 5 - Smíchov

Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th

Nouvelle Prague

The Staropramen Pivovar hosts 14 indie rock bands from around the world this Friday and Saturday. Groups from the Czech Republic, the USA, the UK, India, Croatia, and Australia, will take to the stage to provide an alternative to the pop radio juggernaut. 

Fans of bluesy jam rock, in particular, will want to check out Australia's Northeast Party House, at 7:40PM, Friday, and Studmuffin, from Pune, India, playing Saturday at 7:00PM.  

A Delegate's Pass will also get you into all the talks given during the industry conference. Each presentation highlights topics and issues concerning touring independent musicians.  

For further the details about the conference, the showcase, and more, please click the link below:


A taste of Studmuffin can be found on their Soundcloud page:



And here's a link to Northeast Party House's video for their single "Empires."



This week we celebrate

The Other Side with Halloween on Saturday, October 31st, and the Mexican Day of the Dead on Sunday, November 1st.

Zombie Run

For Halloween, join other running enthusiasts in a 5k around Vitkov Hill. Camaraderie and endorphins are their own rewards, but on this particular day you'll have an added incentive for making good time: hordes of volunteers dressed as shambling zombies chasing you all the way to the finish line. There will also be spooky live (undead?) music to further enhance the mood.


If you survive the zombie apocalypse, Dia De Los Muertos in Stromovka Park will provide a relaxing day of Latin charm for your recovery. Starting at 2:00pm and running to 7:00pm, you'll find live mariachi music, shadow puppetry, food altars, and a lantern procession in between workshops for face painting and skull decoration.



Festival of Original Czech Handicrafts

at Novoměstská radnice, Karlovo náměstí 1, Praha 2

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Czech handicraft

As October draws near its close, the time ripens to consider shopping for the winter holidays. On Saturday, October 24th, the New Town Hall will showcase handicrafts, food and beverages from throughout the republic. This festival will include many unique hand-made items rarely found in the local souvenir shops:  soap, ceramics from the town of Litovel, wooden toys, glasswork, jewelry, confectionary, clothing, lavender products, and meat - tons of meat!

In this third installment of the annual event, there will be crafting workshops, and talks about the cultural/historical contexts of many of the items on offer, as well as free samples of edibles and drinkables. It's an ideal opportunity to check out numerous traditional hand-crafted wares of which the Czech Republic is justifiably proud.




SIGNAL | Prague Light Festival 

All over the city

October 15-18, 2015 (Thursday through Sunday)

Signal 2015

The nights in Prague are about to become even more twinklingly magical than usual. Thursday, October 15th marks the start of the Signal Festival, in which artists transform public squares, facades and parks all over Prague into interactive exhibits of light-based technology. Many of our famous landmarks along with other venues throughout the city will be hosting works - the whole town, in essence, will become a gallery of light.

Last year 'The Pool' installation by Jen Lewin, was one of the stand outs of this incredible festival. This time around, we're especially excited about the KinocirKus presentation on Friday and Saturday in the Palmovka neighborhood. 3D mapping and hand-drawn animation will tell the history of the synagogue there as part of the Lieben Libeň cultural project.



Saudek & Saudek 80

Gallery of Art Prague, Staroměstské nám. 603/15

Ongoing through Jan. 31, 2016


Twin brothers Jan and Kája Saudek - that's them in the photo above, circa 1986 - are icons in the Czech and Slovak art worlds. The influence these two men have had as artistes provocateurs are immeasurable. Jan is the most famous photographer to emerge from these lands. Kája, who recently passed away, was the foremost Czech comic book artist. Both experienced controversy and censorship of their work during the communist regime.

The Gallery of Art Prague is exhibiting large collections of works by the Saudeks along with studio replicas through the beginning of 2016. For ticket information, please check out the link below:



The St. Wenceslas Wine Festival 2015

at the St. Wenceslas Vineyard complex at Prague Castle

Sunday, 27th and Monday, 28th of September

Wine Fest

Svatováclavská vinice (St. Wenceslas Vineyard) is the oldest vineyard in the Czech lands. Grapes have been cultivated on this hill for well over a thousand years. It's only been since 2008 that the entirety of the grounds were finally opened to the public for excursions along its scenic paths and its gorgeous views of the city.

Sunday, September 27th, and Monday, the 28th are the dates for the St. Wenceslas Wine Festival. On these two days the Villa Richter and the St. Wenceslas Vineyard will host the release of burčák - the "young wine" - from some of the finest vintners in the nation. Burčák is the sweet, cloudy beginnings of the fermentation process only made available four months out of the year, making this festival a very unique tasting experience in one of the most beautiful settings Prague has to offer.  

Further details about the festival can be found here:


… and for more information about Villa Richter itself, please check out this link:



Prohibition Party

at Le Royal, Vinohradska 48, Prague 2

Saturday, September 26th from 10:00PM


Electro swing, esoteric cocktails, and Fitzgeraldian revelry are to be found this Saturday, September 26th, at the gorgeous theater-concert hall-cinema-cafe-bar Le Royal. This venue was originally opened in the middle of the First Republic era, in 1929. It's latest incarnation began in 2014 after extensive renovations to bring the interior back to the enchanted style of its heyday. 

Cocktail culture is taken very seriously at Royal. To add to the fun of the Prohibition theme, there's a "secret" give-away for patrons in-the-know. You'll find all the details at Le Royal's website:



"The Stand-In" 

at Zizkovske Divadlo Jary Cimrmana (Jara Cimrman Theater of Žižkov) Štítného 5, Prague 3

from 7:00PM


Stop any Czech person on the street and ask them who's the greatest historical figure of the Czech lands. Invariably and without hesitation that person will tell you it's Jára Cimrman. The fact that Cimrman never actually existed doesn't matter one bit. He is, hands down, the most beloved character in all of Czech culture.

Cimrman is a Renaissance man: philosophy, poetry, criminology, and sport are only a few of the arts and sciences he has mastered over the years. His genius as an inventor has never been truly recognized on the world stage due to his unerring propensity for arriving late to the patent office. Among the numerous debts of gratitude we owe him is the invention of the internet, which he created in a circus tent using a large number of telephones and retired school teachers to answer called-in questions. 

Jára Cimrman is, in truth, the brainchild of Zdeněk Svěrák, Jiří Šebánek, and Ladislav Smoljak. He represents the Czech sense of humor in all its absurd glory and has been a fixture of radio and stage plays since 1966. On Saturday, September 19th, the first-ever English language presentation of Cimrman's "The Stand-In" will be held in his namesake theater featuring the props, sets, and costume designs of the Czech language original.

For this unprecedented chance to experience the hilarious side of Czech culture, contact the theater box office at the link below:



Bohemian Bluegrass and BBQ

at Smíchovská náplavka, Hořejší nábřeží, Prague 5 - Smíchov

from 11:00am Saturday, September 12th and 10:00am Sunday, September 13th


Comprised of more than 15,000 members, as of this writing, the Kansas City Barbeque Society is the largest organization for competitive barbecue in the world. The Judge's Oath for the KCBS: "I do solemnly swear to objectively and subjectively evaluate each Barbeque meat that is presented to my eyes, my nose, my hands and my palate. I accept my duty to be an Official KCBS Certified Judge, so that truth, justice, excellence in Barbeque and the American Way of Life may be strengthened and preserved forever."  

In other words, this is a serious affair.  

No matter which of the international teams wins the Grand Prize this weekend, the real winners are the festival-goers who like eating chicken, pulled pork, pork ribs, and beef brisket. These are the featured meats that will be slow-cooked Southern-style, resulting in exquisitely tender, spicy and sweet products. 

There will also be nine(!) Bluegrass bands performing live over the two days of the competition. 

With all these special sights, sounds, scents, and flavors, you'll swear you've been magically transported from Bohemia to Appalachia!



Freddie For A Day!

Celebrating Freddie Mercury's Birthday 

at Hard Rock Cafe', Male Namesti 3, Prague

Saturday, September 5th from 8:00 PM

You can experience "Bohemian Rhapsody" smack-dab in the center of the actual Bohemia! On Saturday, September 5th, Hard Rock Cafe' will be presenting all things Queen in honor of the birth of the greatest rock front man who has ever lived. The event kicks off with a presentation of Queen's tremendous 1986 performance at Wembley Stadium. After the concert on the big screen there will be music videos, a trivia quiz, and more.

Be sure to bring your appetite to the party as well. The burger section of their menu alone will make you want to do the fandango.


Náplavka Street Food Festival 

at Hořejší nábřeží - Smíchovská náplavka

Saturday, August 29th from 10:00am to 9:00pm


Prague Ice Cream Festival

at Výstaviště Praha (Prague Exhibition Center)

Sunday, August 30th from 10:00am to 8:00pm

Food Fest

You might have neither the air-miles nor the desire to visit a dozen different countries in a single day, but you can enjoy the next best thing on Saturday, August 29th. This is when when you can partake of cuisines from such far-flung nations as Georgia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, the United States, Spain, and more, all conveniently parked in food trucks on the western bank of the Vltava at Hořejší nábřeží. You can even eat some specially prepared insects, if you're so inclined. 

This is touted as the biggest street food event in the Czech Republic, so there's bound to be something to tickle the fancy of even the most finicky of eaters.


... And athough you may have stuffed yourself to the gills at the street food event on Saturday, there's always room for dessert. Sunday, August 30th is the day Výstaviště Praha in Holešovice hosts the Prague Ice Cream Festival. Imminent brain freeze awaits in the forms of numerous brands and flavors of frozen treats produced both within the Czech lands and beyond.


You can purchase tickets in advance here: https://goout.cz/cs/listky/prague-ice-cream-festival/sxe/


The Da Vinci Inventions Exhibition

July 16 - August 28

at Palác Lucerna, Štěpánská 61, Prague 1

Da Vinci in Prague

Super-villains! They are, arguably, the most interesting characters in the spate of big-budget movies based on comic books that's been exploding out of Hollywood in recent years. Now through August 28th Palác Lucerna celebrates the inventions of the greatest super-villain of them all, Leonardo Da Vinci, with a collection of beautifully realized exhibits inspired by his invention designs.  

Included in this exhibition are the first ever helicopter, parachute, and military tank - all tremendously useful equipment every good villain needs in his or her arsenal. There's also a draft on display of what Leonardo considered to be the "ideal" city. Altogether it makes for an impressive stockpile of engineering genius as well as a fitting tribute to the man who once planned to steal the entire river Arno with his buddy Niccolò Machiavelli.




Traditional French Market

From Tuesday, July 14 through Sunday, July 19th

10:00AM to 8:00PM daily

Kampa Island, Prague 1

French Market

For six glorious days, Kampa Island will be the stage for a celebration of all things edible French. The

Francouzský trh ("French Market") starts Tuesday, July 14th and runs through Sunday, the 19th, right at the foot of Charles Bridge. The food market stalls feature an abundance of wines, cheeses, jams, sausages, fresh crêpes and baked goods, and scrumptious, garlicky escargots. In other words, almost everything necessary for your personal reenactment of a riverside scene by Manet or Seurat.

The food and the wine are not the only L’hexagone imports for this event: each day features live music in a jazzy vein from French artists as well as musicians from the Czech Republic.

Further details about the program schedule and the vendors can be found at the Francouzský trh website: http://www.francouzskytrh.cz/en/

Fair Fair: Finger Food Festival

Saturday, 11 July, Areál Výstaviště 67, Prague 7, from 11:00AM 

 Fair Fair

Pack your favorite wet wipes and leave your cutlery at home - Saturday, July 11th marks the first ever Fair Fair Finger Food Festival at lovely Stromovka Park. This foodie event focuses on appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, tapas, sandwiches, desserts, and an assortment of other digit-friendly nibbles coming from various eateries in the Prague 7 area. The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 22 degrees - ideal picnic conditions! Admission to the event is free, there will be live music at 6:00PM, and they promise short queues for the food.



Sheppard (AUS)

Monday, June 29 from 8:00PM

at Lucerna Music Bar, Vodičkova 36, Prague 1


Music is a family affair with the Australian indie rockers Sheppard. Encouraged by their parents at a young age to study music, Amy, Emma, and George Sheppard have come into the international music scene in a big way with the driving rhythms and ethereal harmonies of their quadruple-platinum single "Geronimo," released just last year.


The Sheppard siblings and their bandmates are coming to Prague on Monday, June 29th in support of their debut album, 2014's "Bombs Away." Grab your friends, lace up your dancing shoes, and hie thee to Lucerna Music Bar to see if this family band is going to be the next Jackson 5. Opening will fellow Antipodean rock group Money For Rope.


Prague Quadrennial

June 18-28, various locations

Prague Quadrennial


As you stroll around our beautiful city, taking in the sights, you may notice some very odd things going on. "Is it typical," you ask yourself, " for people to deliver food to the Mala Strana Tower on Charles Bridge via a bucket on a rope?" You might also wonder if that was really Queen Elizabeth II with her pet corgis, Holly and Willow, at Náprstek Museum, and if so, why are their heads so big? And also, who are the three mysterious people dressed in yards of fabric, cavorting around the Vltava in the early morning hours?


You're not necessarily hallucinating! What's happening is 11 days of exhibitions happening all over Prague for the largest scenography event in the world. Every 4 years, the city is transformed into exhibition space for many hundreds of musicians, theater, and performance artists to express their creativity. Now is the perfect time, in the perfect place, to get a feel for the current state of New Theater throughout the world.


Prague Quadrennial is going on now through the 28th of June. Check out the official website for full details: http://www.pq.cz/en


United Islands of Prague Music Festival

from Thursday, June 18 through Saturday, June 20

multiple locations and times

 United Islands

The hills aren't the only topographical feature that will be alive with the sounds of music this weekend. From June 18th through 20th, The United Islands of Prague music festival will present bands in numerous clubs, squares, and (of course!) islands throughout the city. It's a free event that brings out some of the best musical acts from the Czech lands and beyond.

Of particular note: Rozhlasový Big Band Gustava Broma (CZ) is performing Friday night, 8:30 - 9:30, on the Jazz Stage on Střelecký Island. In it's 75 year history this big band orchestra has backed such luminaries as Dizzy Gillespie and Diana Ross.

For full lineup and further details, check out the official United Islands of Prague website:




Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Open-Air Concert

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

at Hradčany Square

Czech Philharmonic 

For the closing of the season, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra goes out big, outdoors. On Wednesday, June 17th, from 8:20 p.m., the philharmonic will fill the air of Hradčany Square with the music of Smetana, Rachmaninoff, Copland, and Gershwin, along with three traditional Roma pieces. The Smetana piece, "Tabor," is performed in commemoration of the 600 year anniversary of the death of Jan Hus.

Beautiful music in a magical setting - right beside Prague Castle at nightfall. Admission to the event is free.



Prague Museum Night

Saturday, June 13th, 19:00 - 1:00 Sunday

Multiple venues around Prague

Prague museum night

With free entry and free bus transportation to over 40 museums and galleries throughout the city, Prague Museum Night is a cultural event that is nigh impossible to beat. From 7:00PM until 1:00AM doors will be open at a broad spectrum of cultural heritage institutions, including the gallery space/ music hall MeetFactory, The Jewish Museum, The National Gallery, The Museum of Czech Police, and the little known gem: The Museum of Chamber Pots and Toilets. This last will be featuring an organist performing throughout the night and a special exhibition of 30 toilets designed by celebrities.

In other words, there is something out there to suit everyones taste, no matter how highly refined. Please visit the Prague Museum Night website for all the details you need to plan your excursion:



KISS - 40th Anniversary Tour

Monday June 8th

at O2 Arena, Ocelářská 2, Prague 9


It was way back in January of 1973 that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley first realized their dream of donning kabuki make-up and giving their special brand of hard rock to the world. On Monday, June 8th of this year, KISS will be filling Prague's O2 Arena with their elaborate schtick and now classic sound. It's a celebration of 40 years of fire-breathing, blood-dribbling, laser lights, pyrotechnics, and loud music. Although they move around on the stage a bit slower and less spritely than in their heyday, the costumes and greasepaint hide much of the ravages of hard living. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll perform the single "‪Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina," the wacky collaboration they released with Japanese idol band Momoiro Clover Z earlier this year.

For ticket information, visit this site:


And for the adorably weird video for "‪Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina":



May 7th through May 23rd

Czech Beer Festival 2015

At: The Letná plain (Letenská Pláň), Prague 

Czech beer fest


Fun Fact: The Czech Republic is far-and-away #1 in the world for beer consumption, per capita. Starting Thursday, May 7th, the Český pivní festival ("Czech Beer Festival"), Letná Park will be the most festive place in the land to taste what all the fuss is about. Thus starts 17 days in celebration of Czech beer with 150 different brands on tap.

Of course there will be tons of food available - and wines for those so inclined. Live music, talks and workshops round out the entertainment and education roster and children under 15 are admitted free!

It's a wonderfully friendly atmosphere in the big, striped, Main Tent, where this year Krušovice will provide 10 and 12 degree beers specially for the festival. The Beer Diversity Tent is where smaller marks get their turns in the spotlight - be sure to check the schedule for deliveries.



Friday, April 24: 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

Saturday, April 25: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Prague Fashion Market 

At: Pražská tržnice

The bright, happy colors of springtime shopping are manifesting at a Fashion Market near you this Friday and Saturday. That's when Holešovické tržnici (Holešovické marketplace) will be holding the 11th edition of the Prague Fashion Market.

Prague Fashion Market is a wonderland of clothing, household accessories, and jewelry from over 150 Czech and Slovak designers. The event provides insight into the latest trends and a taste of what's to come from the current crop of creatives in the region. 

This edition is extra special in that it's the first time the Prague Fashion Market will be featuring a Local Food Market. You'll be able to graze a wide spectrum of cuisines and other edibles in one convenient location, including chocolatey goodness from Delikatesy Iva, and the most scrumptious slider/mini-burgers in town courtesy of Dirty Dog

Check out scheduling info and a list of all the vendors at the official website: http://www.novetrhy.cz/trhy/prague-fashion-market/#.VTSW5ZSUcrM


Flea Market 

at (A)VOID Floating Gallery Náplavka

April 18th - May 2nd 

Flea Market

Don't look now, but it appears springtime warmth and sunshine are now officially in full effect. Therefore, in order to soak up that precious, precious vitamin D, you'll want to be outdoors as much as possible.


There's an outdoor venue in Prague that combines the fascination of a design museum, the immediacy of improvisational theater, and the people-watching opportunities of a good beer garden with the satisfaction of great shopping, and it's right by the sparkling waters of the Vltava.


From April 18th through the 2nd of May, the (A)VOID Floating Gallery, on Náplavka, is the scene of a mind-bender of a flea market (bleší trh). In addition to the funky antique oddments one would expect, the Náplavka market includes tons of original handicrafts, jewelry, fashion designs, and food, glorious food. It's a wonderful showplace for creativity that you won't find anywhere else around.


For that one-of-a-kind souvenir for the mantlepiece, you can find further information about the flea market here: http://www.prazsketrhy.cz/



Prague Spring Swing Festival

At Palác Lucerna, Štěpánská 61, Prague 1

Friday April 10 through Sunday April 12

Prague Swing Festival

Swing dancing combines the fun of getting down to bouncy music with the spectacle of a kung fu exhibition. It's a cardiovascular workout and a great way to meet new, well-dressed people. And from Friday, April 10th through Sunday, April 12th, the largest swing dance festival in the Czech lands hits Prague in a giddy explosion of First Republic style.

There are dance classes, parties, and other events scheduled around town over the weekend, with The Big Dance Evening on Saturday night keeping the grand hall at Lucerna Palace jumping like a jitterbug.

Find registration and schedule information at the site link below, which also features this handy tip for enjoying the festival: "In general, avoid kicking each other." Wise words!



"Lady with a Muff"

at the National Gallery at Veletržní Palace

Dukelských hrdinů 47, Prague 7



Springtime in the Czech lands means rainy days a-plenty. Rainy days are perfect for expanding ones aesthetic horizons indoors at Prague's museums.


Veletržní Palace is currently home to the gorgeous coquette painted by Gustav Klimt, "Lady with a Muff." A longtime favorite of college freshman dorm room decorators with sophisticated taste, Klimt's work is some of the most instantly recognizable in all of western contemporary art. His primary subject matter was the female form and his life was not scandal free. Some of Klimt's most important works were declared pornographic and were destroyed by the SS near the end of World War II.


"Lady with a Muff" has been hidden away in a private collection for close to 100 years. She's a wonderful addition to the National Gallery's Veletržní Palace collection of 19th, 20th, and 21st century art. The collection is vast, containing more than 2300 exhibits, so if you're going to make the acquaintance of Klimt's 'Lady,' plan to make full a day of it.


Saturday, March 28th

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

Františka Křížka 11

Spring is clearly upon us and it's time to come out of hibernation and shake off those winter doldrums. Fancy a nice invigorating run through one of the most beautiful urban landscapes on the planet? You can lace up your new sneakers and join over 12,000 other eager runners this Saturday, March 28th, for the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon. It's an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) event and the largest in town this year.

Of course, you don't have to be a runner to have fun at this event. You can also get your blood moving at the music festival and Brazilian-style carnival. 

For further details about the run and the festivities, please check out the link to the official website below: 


Thursday, March 19

Marc Ribot

Palac Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27, Praha 3 

It almost seems like it would be easier to list the handful of artists that Marc Ribot has NOT played with in his many years of making of music. From rock legends like Tom Waits to the avant garde soundscapes of John Zorn, from the trippy, food-centric pop songs of Cibo Matto to the sultry purring of Elysian Fields, Mr. Ribot has run the spectrum of musical genres to create an amazingly diverse back-catalogue. Renowned for his guitar and trumpet playing (not at the same time!) Ribot will be guiding listeners through his repertoire on March 19th at Palac Akropolis.


From 9th to 15th of March 2015:

Paul Simon and Sting - Saturday, March 14th

O2 Arena, Ocelářská 2, Prague 9

Paul Simon and Sting are coming to Prague for the second stop on their European tour, Saturday, March 14th. 

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the two have been friends since the 1980s when they were neighbors in an apartment building in New York. Now, 30 years later, they're traveling the world singing duets of some of their most famous songs. Because that's the sort of thing that good New York neighbors do.

If you're looking for something cool to do with neighbors of your own, look no further than the ticket site below: 



From 2nd to 8th of March 2015:

Farmers' Markets in Prague - Kulaťák in Prague 6 - Saturday, March 7th

The signs of spring are starting to pop up here in Bohemia. Winter has been as charming and mild as a stampede of hamsters, birdsong is beginning to get more complicated and on Saturday, March 7th, the big farmers' market nicknamed Kulaťák opens in Dejvické Square in Prague 6. It's just a few stops away at the eastern terminus of the Metro 'A' (green) line, and well worth the trip.

The farmers' markets are both picturesque and important components of daily living for many city dwellers. Hypermarkets and specialty shops can provide the goods and services but can't offer the ambiance. Farmers' markets serve a critical role in their communities as places for neighbors to come together to trade news, opinions, and gossip under the aegis of 'doing the shopping.'

For the traveler, farmers' markets offer culinary experiences that would be tough to match elsewhere. Stalls abound offering full meals, light snacks, baked goods, meats, cheeses, coffee, beer and hot wine. Half the fun of the picnic is the time spent choosing the ingredients. Plus, there are always interesting items available that make unique gifts for the folks back home.

Some markets have been open during the winter months, but this week sees them all kicking into high gear, making this an ideal time to explore a colorful and tasty facet of Czech culture. Days and times vary, so be sure to check out the two sites below for more information.




From 23rd of February to 1st of March 2015:

2MANYDJS at ROXY on Friday, February 27th

Dlouhá 33, Prague 1 

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats - 2manydjs are coming to Prague on Friday, February 27th! The kings of genre-bending, rib-tickling, dance floor-filling mashups bring their Radio Soulwax performance to Roxy's main hall in what's expected to be one of the best live shows of the year - and yes, it's only February. 

These Belgian brothers plunder the archives of recorded music and blend it together in some frighteningly novel ways. Where other artists might strive to pigeonhole themselves into easily marketable genres of music, 2manydjs revel in the ideas that a) all music can be funky, and b) nothing is sacred. These ideas are presented quite clearly in the epic, hour-long mind-bender of a music video, "Radio Soulwax Presents: As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2."


Run - don't walk - to Roxy's ticketing website to claim your spot on the dance floor:


From 9th to 15th of February 2015:

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist at ROXY - Tuesday, February 10th

Dlouha 33, Praha 1


Two of the premier icons of turntablism are coming to ROXY, Tuesday, February 10th. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are getting crazy on the wheels of steel in vinyl-only sets featuring hip-hop, funk, soul, and classic disco tracks.

DJ Shadow's hip-hop compositions are often very quirky and experimental - not to everyone's taste. In December of 2012 the promotor at Miami's Mansion nightclub kicked Shadow off the decks for playing music that was "too future." 'Mainstream' is a word that will never be associated with Shadow's unique talent and skill set.  

To see what all the fuss is about and enjoy an evening with a couple of living legends, click the link below:



From 2nd to 8th of February 2015:

18+ at MeetFactory - Wednesday, 4 February

Ke Sklarne 15, Prague 5 - Smíchov


Coming up with a good name for one's band can offer numerous challenges. Ideally, the name sticks in people's minds easily and perhaps also looks cool on the marquee. Naming your band "18+" is some pretty cheeky business. It would trump naming your band "Live Music," even, if there was some sort of competition for obscurity. 

In addition to their singular name this duo from southern California has taken RnB and reshaped it into something uniquely there own, full of fractured beats, glitchy samples, and sultry vocal delivery. 

Favorite line from their single "All the Time [Houndstooth]: "I want your paws… on my drawers." 18+ will be bringing that lyric and many more from their 2014 debut "Trust" to MeetFactory on Wednesday, February 4th.



National Technical Museum (Národní technické muzeum)

Kostelní 42, 170 78 Prague 7

Tuesday - Friday - 9 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm

Closed Mondays


Technology isn't what it used to be and our modern times are severely lacking in robot butlers and flying cars that we were promised by science fiction. However, there's still a lot to celebrate about the progress humankind has made in the name improving life with better tools and there are tons of fun things to see and do at the National Technical Museum by Letná Park. 

Permanent exhibits at the museum focus on astronomy, time-keeping, photography, printing, mining, architecture, chemistry, metalworking, and transportation. The huge collection of bicycles, motorcycles, autos, trains, and planes in the Hall of Transportation History includes such gems as the 1935 Tatra 80 automobile used by President T. G. Masaryk, a Supermarine Spitfire jet fighter, and a motorcycle with vicious-looking steel spikes studding the tires for traction on ice.

The link below takes you to the museum website where you can explore some of the exhibits via cctv cameras.



From 26th of January to 1st of February 2015:

Tricky performing at Lucerna Music Bar on Saturday, January 31st

Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

Tricky's first solo album, Maxinquaye, was released 20 years ago. His latest release, Adrian Thaws, came out just last September and to support it, on Saturday, January 31st Tricky will be rocking Lucerna Music Bar in his own inimitable style. 


Tricky's music is hard to classify. "Challenging," "complex," and "unpredictable," are the words that fly most readily to mind, and that slippery little descriptive term "genius" has also come up a lot in the music press over the years. His is not cookie-cutter dance club electronic music designed to mix seamlessly into the next track. Even his most dance floor-friendly pieces encourage deeper exploration into the lyrics and sonic landscapes. 

Expect Tricky's performance at Lucerna to be a mind-expanding trip through the man's psyche. Prepare accordingly.



Prague Wine Week 2015 at Velký Vinograf Wine Bar - Tuesday - Friday, 27. 1. - 30. 1. 

Senovážné náměstí 23, 110 00 Praha 1


<Velky vinograf.jpg>

The last week in January is a fine time for wine tastings in Prague. Few things can brighten a cold winter's day like the cozy and sophisticated atmosphere of a wine degustation. 

From Tuesday, the 27th through Friday, the 30th, Velký Vinograf wine bar will host tastings and presentations featuring wines from the competition for this year's Prague Wine Trophy - a competition where the fans are the true winners.



From 19th to 25th of January 2015:

The Raveonettes (DK) at MeetFactory on Friday

Ke Sklárně 3213/15 Praha 5

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, is less than 1000 kilometers from Prague - about a 9 hour drive. With such a short distance it's surprising that Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes have not yet made the trip in the 10-plus years since they formed the band. This marks Friday, January 23rd as an historic date for enthusiasts of vocal harmonies and electric guitar effects - The Raveonettes will perform at Prague's MeetFactory for their first-ever show in the Czech Republic.


The opening bands will be DYN from Germany and the CeeZed's own Manon Meurt.

What's more, January 23rd is also the birthday of both Princess Caroline of Monaco and jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt, neither of whom are expected to be in attendance at the show. There's a lot of history to celebrate this Friday and MeetFactory will be a great place to do it.



The Improv Comedy Show at Trick Bar, Malastranská Beseda

Malostranské náměstí 35/21, Prague 1 every Thursday 8:00PM


The best improvisational comedy nights are those that create a sense of playful collaboration between the audience and the performers. Prague's Blood, Love & Rhetoric troupe has been delivering that feeling to their audiences in Malá strana for the the past three years.

Every Thursday night the Blood, Love & Rhetoric players compete with each other to see who can get the biggest and best responses from the audience and fellow players. Competition is fierce and funny - and English language.

The performance venue is the lovely Trick Bar inside Malastranská Beseda. A pleasant stroll across Charles Bridge, then down Mostecká street and take a right onto the square and you're there. 

For further details about performances and ticket reservations, please visit their site linked below.



From 12th to 18th of January 2015:

Art Nouveau / Vital Art 1900 exhibition at Obecní dům (The Municipal House)

nám. Republiky 1090/5, Praha 1 - Open daily 10:00AM - 7:00PM


One of the most important styles of architecture gracing the city of Prague is that of the Art Nouveau, or "secese," as it's known in these parts. Art Nouveau elements of sensual curves, leaves and flowers, and decorative statuary and reliefs can be seen on buildings both civic and private in nearly every postal district. 

Obecní dům (The Municipal House) is among the grandest examples of the Art Nouveau aesthetic, inside and out. Outside the Municipal House offers visitors allegorical art in the forms of sculpture, mosaic, and stained glass. Inside one is surrounded by the style - in the concert halls, ballrooms, cafe's and restaurants. The art gallery itself showcases pieces from native son Alfons Maria Mucha in addition to works by other important artists from throughout Europe.

The foundational philosophy of this art movement held that one should experience art in every aspect of life. The Municipal House is an Art Nouveau feast for all the senses that provides the opportunity to immerse oneself into this aesthetic just as the artists intended.



Lokál Dlouhá

Restaurant - Dlouhá 33, Prague 1

Features smoking/non-smoking areas - Credit cards accepted


Of the many wonderful things the Czech lands are famous for the world over, the cuisine is not one of them. This isn't to say that Czech food isn't delicious and satisfying in its own right - it's just rather humble when compared to its flashier neighbors. Typically very basic, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs fare, a Czech dinner seldom boasts the range of flavors and textures of French or Italian cuisines, for example. 

The Lokal restaurants do everyday Czech food beautifully by playing to its strengths. They don't fancy up the menu whatsoever, this really is common Czech cuisine; the big difference in what they offer in comparison to many other traditional Czech restaurants is their quality standards are so high. For example, you can't get more down-to-earth with your nosh than a traditional klobása sausage. Lokal has their own butcher shop where their sausages are hand made and contain only meat from Přeštice pigs or Chester beef, spices and salt - no filler.

Stop in for lunch or dinner washed down with Pilsner Urquell fresh from the tank and get a taste of the modest local cuisine done to perfection.




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