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Best Time to visit Prague

Spring is a perfect time to visit Prague, the weather is not very cold, it is plenty of warm, sunny days and there are not so many tourists around.

In summer days are longer and warmer and tourist attractions are opened till late. Nevertheless, it is advisable to bring along an umbrella and a sweater. Summer rainy days are a common thing in Prague.

Autumn can also be nice, but is cooler as winter draws in and most tourist attractions and museums reduce opening hours. A white winter is the most beautiful thing to see in Prague. Christmas markets and New Year Decorations make Prague seem more alive than ever.

Public transport in the City

The Prague public transport network is reliable, cheap and well integrated. Public transportation runs frequently night and day, and a single ticket permits travel on all buses, trams and the metro:

Meanwhile, you can download here a map of Prague public transportation.

Public transport tickets can be bought from vending machines at the metro or tram stations and at newsstands. Don’t forget to validate your ticket at the yellow validating machines you can find before climbing down at the underground or when getting in trams and buses.

When you take a taxi in Prague, it is usually better to order it on the phone or ask for the price of the ride before to enter the car. The normal price/kilometer is about 28,- Czk. The ride from the airport to our Hotel should not be more than 650,-  and from the main station, no more than 250,-  (10 EURO)

Transport to the airport into the city

Bus 119 from Prague Airport to Dejvicka metro station (line A), then cross the main road and catch the metro.
Bus 100 from Prague Airport to Zlicin metro station (line B), then catch the metro.
Bus 179 from Prague Airport to Nové Budovice metro station (line B).
Airport express from Prague Airport to Prague Main Train Station (metro line C).


Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. Although it is both part of the Schengen zone and the European Union, the currency is the Czech Crown (CZK), and the currency symbol is Kč. You can find a link to a currency converter here.


Payment cards are regularly accepted in shops and also in some restaurants, but keep small change handy for use in public toilets and tram-ticket machines.

Tipping in Prague

Normal practice in restaurants, cafés and pubs is to round up the bill to the next 10Kč (or the next 20Kč if it's over 200Kč). 5%-10% is appropriate as well. The usual protocol is for the staff to hand you the bill and for you to tell them how much you actually want to pay with the tip included.

Local time

Central European (GMT+1)

Area and population

496 sqkm /1,175,000 people


The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech, which is a Slavonic language (the same as Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Russian, Croatian or Bulgarian). Nevertheless in main tourist attractions English, German and Spanish are spoken.

Emergency telephone numbers

General emergency 112
Fire Brigade 150
Ambulance 155
Municipal police 156
Police 158
Medical First aid 141 23
Pharmacy first aid 141 24
Dental first aid 141 22
Emergency road service 1230, 1240


220 Volts/50 Hz

Postage rates

Domestic letters & postcards: 10 czk (50g)
International letters & postcards: Europe 20 czk (20g) 25 czk (50g)

Good to know:

In the Old Town and in most of the city streets, the pavement is made of cobblestones. Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes to wear: high heels are not recommended!

Most shops in Prague are open on Sunday: so you can easily decide to visit the touristic attractions on Saturday and go shopping on Sunday. However, be careful about the opening hours as shops tend top close earlier on Sunday.

Prague is a calm and safe city, and there is no much risk walking alone in the center at night in general. However, as in every touristic city, beware of pickpockets in the metro and crowded areas.

Mini Phrase Book

Hello! > Dobrý den!

Good morning! > Dobré rano!

Good evening! > Dobrý večer!

Good night! > Dobrou noc!

Hi! > Ahoj.

Good bye! > Na shledanou!

Yes > Ano.

No > Ne.

Please > Prosím.

Thank you > Děkuji.

I’m sorry > Prominte.

Ladies > Dámy

Men > Páni


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